These are our most common questions.

How Does This Work?

What Is A Printing Service?

To simply put it a printing service is where a piece of artwork or digital design is printed directly onto the surface of your choice using our state of the art flatbed printer.

Here at Artvertise we have a team of designers who are always looking to create new and fresh designs and are happy to help work with you to create your envisioned design and product.

Do I have to Design?

Can I get somebody Else to Design for me?

How Big Can My Surface Go?

How large are you able to print?

We are able to print up to a surface dimension of 4ft x 8ft and send with our courier however any larger requires collection by yourself or a personal courier.

If you would like to enquire us about any other possible services or products that we are not showcasing on our site give us a call or send an email and we will reply as soon as we can to work out the order with you.

Can I Request Other Print Services?

What other print services do you offer?

Do I Receive A Proof?

Will I receive a proof of my file?

Unfortunately due to the nature of our printing business and how many orders we may have at one time we are unable to print a proof, If you are unsure of ordering a large bulk we recommend first to only order a couple before placing the big order.

When our design team is create graphics or a design for you, you will receive up to 3 approval emails where you can make amends to any part of the design so make sure to proof read the text and make any amends during these 3 emails.

Do I Receive A Design Proof?

Will I see my design before it is printed?

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